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Successful projects

Management & Consultancy

Some successful projects executed are:

Management support and HR management issues at Hidria Bausch GmbH (Germany)

  • Carrying out an employee satisfaction survey
  • support of the management team with drafting of several action plans to improve processes, production and organisation, and following up the progression of the projects and measures
  • workshops with the management team on the subject 'management and employee motivation' 

Implementation of a HR management system at Heras Adronit GmbH (Germany)

  • Compiling a ‘toolbox’ with guidelines, procedures, forms and other tools within the HR management system
  • ‘roll-out’ of the ‘toolbox’ kit in the organization with workshops and training to the management and middle managers
  • Carrying out an employee satisfaction survey

Restructuring of Mann + Hummel Hydromation Europe

  • closure of the production in Belgium and expanding of the production in Hungary
  • improvement of project controlling
  • streamlining the organization and better assignment of tasks to departments
  • improvement of quality control
  • implementation of key performance indicators
  • introduction of internal procedures (e.g. order approval procedure) to improve the system of administrative organization and internal control
  • improvement of credit management

Corus Construction (Rotherham, UK)

  • implementation of a complete set of guidelines and procedures
  • set up of an annual plan and budgeting system
  • implementation of a financial and management reporting system

Kienle+Spiess GmbH (Sachsenheim, Germany) development of an IT application

  • to determine the profitability per product/customer/market
  • to measure the production efficiency (material, man- and machine-hours)
  • to compare the actual production costs with the production standards and calculations

Restructuring of the Cogent Laminations Group (Germany, UK and Hungary)

  • reduction of the amount of production sites from 7 to 5
  • the transfer of labour intensive products from Germany and the UK to Hungary
  • the implementation of the ‘lean thinking’ methodology at all sites

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