Knowledge and competence with an unbiased view

Voskuilen Interim Management & Consultancy advices and supports companies aiming to improve the company's result and secure the continuity of the company.

Our activities focus especially on:

  • improving the administrative organization and internal control systems
  • improving and optimizing business processes
  • streamlining of the organization
  • recognizing cost-saving potential
  • improving the HR management system

Thorough analysis, effective advice, sustainable result

If you make an appeal to our services, we start with a broad scan of the organization and the different processes ('company assessment').
With a extended questionnaire we interview all the key people and take a close look at all processes and areas of attention.

This inventory covers areas as:

  • Strategy and company’s targets
  • Financial situation
  • Organization and procedures
  • Information needs and data gathering
  • Products and markets
  • Sales and marketing
  • Production and purchasing
  • Administrative organization and internal control system
  • Human Resources

The outcome of our findings is summarized in a report. We analyse the present situation, recognize improvement potential and give our recommendations to the board of management. Subsequently we work out detailed measures to execute these improvements. If you wish, we can support you by implementing the measures and control the process to results.

Please contact us for an exploratory discussion.
We are happy to listen to your questions and expectations. 

Get to know already our background and experiences and the expertise we can offer you.

We are interested in your opinion!

  • Julien Y.
    28-12-2015 11:52
    VIM&C in Zonhoven heeft ons echt geholpen met het verbeteren van ons management. Hartelijk dan hiervoor!
  • Roberto K.
    12-11-2013 17:43
    Super goede service. bij Voskuilen Interim Management & Consultancy
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